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Who's Who

Staffing Structure

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. A. Platt - Executive Headteacher
Mrs. A. Comerford - Head of School (National)
Miss. S. Leeson - Head of School (Harrowby)
Mrs. T. Thomas - Deputy Head of School (National)
Mrs. E. Jenkins - Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo
Mrs. C. Walker - LKS2 Phase Leader
Mrs. N. Anderton - UKS2 Phase Leader
Mrs. P. Harris - School Business Manager

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs. C. Walker - LKS2 Phase Leader
Mrs. E. Spence - Year Group Leader
Miss. Z. Djemil
Miss. G. Potter - Trainee Teacher

Year 4 Teachers

Miss. F. Hemming - Year Group Leader
Mr. D. Olalere
Mr. P. Grimwood

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs. T. Thomas - Deputy Head of School (National)
Mrs. V. Scatchard - Year Group Leader
Miss. C. Osborne
Miss. G. Hanbury
Miss. R. Priestley - Trainee Teacher

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs. N. Anderton - UKS2 Phase Leader
Miss. H. Gosling - Year Group Leader
Miss. H. Puckey
Mrs. S. Goode

Cover Teachers

Mrs. S. Murphy
Mr. A. George

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. A. Hadwick
Miss. D. Green
Miss. E. Cooper
Mrs. J. Dowsett
Mrs. K-A. Chambers
Mrs. L. Goswell
Mrs. L. Page
Mrs. R. Nettleton
Mrs. S. Chappell
Mrs. S. Dibble
Mrs. S. Starbuck
Mrs. V. Uthayaranjan

Pastoral Team

Mrs. E. Jenkins - Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo
Miss. N. Smith - Assistant SENDCo
Mrs. R. Brownlow - Learning Mentor
Mrs. D. Dammes - Pastoral Teaching Assistant

Administration Team

Mrs. C. Tudor - Senior School Administrator
Mrs. A-L. Thompson - Attendance Officer

Childcare Club Team

Mrs. L. Page - Childcare Club Manager
Mrs. A. Haythorn - Childcare Club Assistant
Mrs. J. Ashcroft - Childcare Club Assistant
Mrs. S. Chappell - Childcare Club Assistant

Midday Supervisory Team

Mrs. M. Garforth - Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs. C. Wainwright - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. D. Bagley - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. D. Bellamy - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. D. Newman - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. G. Garrett - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. H. Braime - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. J. Ashcroft - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. L. Hibbert - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. V. Clapton - Midday Supervisor

Site Team

Mr. M. Conway - Site Manager
Mrs. A. Vasteriene - Cleaner
Mrs. C. Cooper - Cleaner
Mrs. C. Wainwright - Cleaner
Mrs. D. Bagley - Cleaner

Other Support Staff

Mrs. A. Young - MFL/EAL Co-ordinator
Mr. S. Benahmed - Systems Manager