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Grantham Music Festival 2017

We have had some SUPERB results from the annual Grantham Music Festival which started with the Junior Choir performing at the "Come and Make Music" event on Wednesday 8 March ....they all sang with such enjoyment and enthusiasm and made a GREAT sound.....well -done to you all...

The Senior Choir, School Orchestra and Choristers performed on Monday 13 March in their adjudicated classes. The Choristers came 1st as did the Orchestra  and the Senior Choir 2nd.  The Choristers will perform at the Saturday evening Concert on March 18 at 7pm.

Holly Riordan  in year 6 has had some remarkable successes  this year, coming 1st in Piano duet,Piano Repertoire, Piano Solo and again 1st in Two skills ... quite an achievement!

Well-done everyone......   we are very proud of you....(can't wait for our annual Summer out for details)